Bevan Wu
Bevan Wu's Experience*
  • Thirty-three years worldwide IBM experience in manufacturing engineering, product development and applied research, of which twenty-six years were in management
  • Managed projects of semiconductor product development, pilot production of logic and Programmable Logic Array Integrated Circuits for IBM 360, 370 generation computers worldwide
  • Implemented IBM's first automated semiconductor manufacturing system in East Fishkill, New York
  • Managed IBM programs in Stanford University for the establishment of an interdisciplinary Master Degree - MSE (Manufacturing System Engineering) and the Establishment of Stanford Institute for Manufacturing Automation (SIMA)
  • Introduced Expert System technology for manufacturing and field engineering applications to IBM locations world-wide
  • Managed advanced process control and computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) projects in IBM Yorktown Research Center and IBM Tokyo Research Center
  • Started Bevan Wu & Associates after retirement from IBM Research Center in 1992
  • Managed ITRI project of Philips color monitor tube plant automation in Hsinchu. The plant went into full production 16 months after ground breaking
  • Initiated and managed ITRI's New IC Fabricator Architecture Design Program proving the feasibility of his patented Modular Fabricator concept
  • Stanford University, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
  • Ohio State University, MS Electrical Engineering
  • National Taiwan University, BS Electrical Engineering
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